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 –  In September 2021 we ran a an Older Drivers Awareness week virtually doing webinars. These webinars also supported ‘Project Edward‘ theme ‘Fit for the road‘ details. The webinars are now finished but were recorded and can be viewed by Clicking here . To be notified when more webinars are planned the click on the ‘Follow’ button

Gloucestershire Presentations have regular presentations available to book for FREE. The next one is Saturday 18th September 2021, unfortunately at this time it is FULL. Click here to find out more on this.

We know that older motorists have a wealth of experience, confidence and tolerance. However, sight, hearing, reaction time and judgement of speed and distance may not be as sharp as it once was.

Fragility increases with age, so injuries tend to be more serious and recovery takes much longer. Casualty rates do increase for car drivers aged over about 65, and the fatality rate increases significantly.

That’s where we come in. The Older Drivers Forum is about keeping mature motorists on the road safely for longer. Whether that’s helping giving you practical and informative help and support to continue driving or pointing you in the right direction for an assessment to identify your driving needs – from wing mirror adapters to an elevated driving seat – we’re here to help.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation made up of experts in road safety – from representatives from the emergency services, to charities, local authorities and businesses specialising in keeping older people on the road.

We do not perform any legal function and do not have the authority to remove driving licences. We are merely here to assist you, or the older person in your life, with staying mobile for as long as possible.

We’ll be constantly adding advice and news for older drivers to our page so please keep coming back for all the latest updates.

Why not explore the web site and see all the advice, videos, brochures, recommendations on driving assessments and much more we give to help you, or someone you know, carry on driving safely for longer.

For advice, support and courses nationally then visit:

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Free webinars 

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Highways England new ‘Access Guide for Motorway services’

Highways EnglandHighways England has partnered with AccessAble, the UK’s leading provider of detailed accessibility information, to help motorists plan where to stop for a break at any one of the 114 motorway service areas across England, for better, safer journeys. Click here to read more

Older Drivers Forum feature in Daily Mail Podcast

Podcast Daily MailClick Here to listen to the Podcast
Should over-70s face compulsory health tests before being allowed behind the wheel? After a spate of accidents involving elderly drivers, the Medical Minefield team investigate whether stricter rules are needed, talking to Nigel Lloyd Jones (Co-organiser for Gloucestershire Older Drivers Forum), who lost his mother in an accident involving his elderly stepfather behind the wheel, and speaking to Sergeant Rob Heard, a retired policeman and founder and chair of the Older Drivers Forum, who argues that stricter rules are needed to deal with drivers (of any age) whose health makes them pose a risk to other motorists.

NHS recognises Older Drivers Forum

The Older Drivers Forum have recently been recognised for our work with Older Drivers, click here to read more

Decision Study

You can participate in a new online study investigating older adult driving, being co-ordinated by the University of East Anglia, and funded by the UK Department for Transport. To find out more click here  


Lock-Down Safety Bulletins

During these difficult times then we have created four safety bulletins providing advice for older drivers during the lock-down period. They are in easy to read, print or download PDF’s.

Click here to see the bulletins listed, the advice regarding the car battery is very useful.


Visit our Webinar page to find out all about our webinars. click here

The Best cars for Senior Drivers

A US website called Cars.Com have written an article about the best cars for Senior Drivers. Although written for the US, still relevant for the UK and some good ideas and safety tips as well. Worth a read. Click here to read the article. Just remember that if you change from a manual to an automatic we would always recommend undertaking taking some lessons with a driving instructor to get use to driving with an automatic. Unfortunately, we see far too many incidents of pedal confusion occurring when people suddenly change to an automatic and they revert to previous manual experience in a sudden decision making event.

Senior Sunday drivers on the racetrack

Senior Sunday drivers racing heritage stock cars show no signs of slowing down as they approach the finish line. One such driver is 68-year-old Alan Humphrey from Cornwall, who has just racked up his 50 event since the rebirth of his racing career, when he was 64. Alan who is now approaching his 70th birthday shows no sign of slowing down.

Read all about Alan and his friends exploits in this article by Cornwall Live by clicking here

Project Edward to host Webinar on Older Drivers

Project Edward which stands for ‘Every Day Without A Road Death’ are running a week of action between 14th and 18th September 2020. One part of the work will be webinars. On Monday 14th September they ran a webinar on Older Drivers. The host for the event was Valerie Singleton OBE working with GEM motoring assist and their programme called ‘Still Safe to Drive‘. If you missed this you can listen again to the webinar by clicking here

Gloucestershire Older Drivers Forum offer help to residents

Gloucestershire are working with the Neighbourhood Police teams to help raise awareness of support available from the Older Drivers Forum to mature drivers. To do this they have created a flyer / poster to deliver to addresses across Gloucestershire and put up on local notice boards

Driving for Better Business  – Ready for the Road?

They have recently created two excellent videos for Drivers and Vehicles getting ready for the road, Click here to visit their website for more information

Government grant 7 month extension on photo card licences

Drivers with a photocard driving licence due to expire between 1 February and 31 August 2020 will be granted a 7 month extension from the date of expiry the DVLA has announced today (4 June 2020). This will help drivers to make necessary journeys without having to obtain a new photograph to renew their licence. Click here to read more about the extension.
PLEASE NOTE – At aged 70 the driver must still renew their entitlement to drive, then every 3 years if they wish to continue to hold a valid licence. This grant does not cover entitlement to drive, just extension to the 10 year period required for renewal of photo card driving licences. Visit our page on renewal of your driving licence and advice to assist by clicking here

Older Mobility website

In 2019, the Department for Transport awarded a grant to the leading road safety charity, RoadSafe, to develop a knowledge transfer programme to take forward the work on older drivers by widening its scope to address the risks to older road users, concentrating on the most vulnerable.
Combining a series of reports created specifically for the project and a library of research evidence OlderMobility.com is a valuable resource for those working in road safety, public health, transport planning, civic leadership and age-related charities.

Click here to visit the website

PCC funding for Gloucestershire Older Drivers Forum

Martin Surl, Police Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire said today (28/05/20); “I am pleased to announce ten thousand pounds support from the Police Crime Commissioner’s fund for the Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire. Their activities will be a valuable resource for two of my key Police and Crime plan priorities; ‘Safe and Social Driving’ and ‘Older but not Overlooked’. The Older Drivers Forum will save lives.”

Read more by clicking here

Gloucestershire Safety bulletins during lockdown

During this break from driving, older drivers’ driving capabilities could decline and their cars be inadequately maintained. This means older drivers would be at increased risk when they resume driving. To counter this, we have produced four safety bulletins to provide advice for older drivers and their families during the lock-down period. These cover car care, maintaining driving skills and, when eventually it is safe to do so, planning to get back on the road. We also include advice if an older driver decides this is an appropriate time to retire from driving. Click here to see the bulletins listed, the advice regarding the car battery is very useful.

Gloucestershire Older Drivers Forum Presentation

The Gloucestershire forum’s first public event takes place on Wednesday 4th December – targeting family members and friends of an older driver, who may have concerns about their ability behind the wheel. Older drivers themselves are also welcome to attend. Click here to find out more

Older Drivers Awareness week 2019
Why not pop along to one of our awareness events between 30th September and 10th October across Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset and over the Thames Valley area. Click here to find an event near you.

Older Road User Conference 2018

Our chair will be attending and presenting at this conference on Wednesday 19th September. To find out more, click here

Kent launch new web site for advice to Senior Road Users

Kent Focus Group have recently launched a new web site to give help and support to Senior Road Users in Kent. Click here to read more

Click here to visit their web site

Independent Age release new brochure – ‘Behind the Wheel’

Click here to find out more

Number of drivers aged over 90 tops 100,000 for first time

Numbers of older drivers July 2017

The number of people aged over 90 holding a driving licence in Britain has topped 100,000 for the first time.

Figures from the DVLA also show more than 4.5 million of the 39 million people holding valid driving licences are aged over 70.

Hampshire is shown to have the second highest number of Older Drivers outside London. Click here to read more

Driver Skills 60+ scheme featured on BBC


Click here to see recent film done by the BBC around an older driver undertakings a Driver Skills 60+ appraisal

New video – Fitness to Drive Assessment

We have worked with GEM Motoring Assist to create a new video at one of the National Driving Mobility centres to show you what it is like to undertake a ‘Fitness to Drive’ assessment. As you will see it is not as scary as you would think. To find out more about our local Driving Mobility centre, Wessex DriveAbility, then click here

To see more about the video click here

Older Drivers Task Force

Task ForceHampshire Constabulary’s groundbreaking drive supporting older motorists to stay safe on our roads has today (JULY 4) reached the House of Commons.

Our chair of the Forum, Sergeant Rob Heard joined other members of the Forum and leading experts from across the country in London to recommend an action plan that will help make older drivers safer for longer.

Sgt Heard has been working on the National Task Force and chairs one of the three working groups on Self help and support

With an ageing population, the Older Drivers Task Force believes it vital to take steps to give older drivers the support and confidence they need to ensure they retain their independence, while dismantling the stigma wrongly attached to elderly motorists.

To find out more click here

New National Older Drivers Website


Following the success of our local web site, we identified the need for a national web site. We have therefore worked with RoSPA to create a new national web site to help all across the country. Why not explore this new web site at www.olderdrivers.org.uk

Don’t worry we will still exist and will continue to offer local advice and support to Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Older Drivers Forum Highly Commended in Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety Awards

Our Chair and founder, Sgt Rob Heard, attended the Savoy Hotel in London on Tuesday 8th December at the International Road Safety awards ceremony. The Older Drivers Forum was highly commended for its contribution to improving Road Safety and awarded a Commendation Certificate by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. To find out more click here.

Receiving Commendation

Receiving Commendation

Older Drivers Forum Featured on BBC One Show

The Older Drivers Forum featured on the BBC One Show on Wednesday 9th December when they popped into an event run in Fleet. Jennie Bond and John Sergeant both attended and went out on a driving appraisal to brush up their skills. To find out more click here

Sgt Rob Heard with Jennie Bond and John Sergeant

Sgt Rob Heard with Jennie Bond and John Sergeant

National Award for Chair of Older Drivers Forum

It is with great pride that we announce that our Older Drivers Forum chair, Sgt Rob Heard, has after years of dedication to keeping the people of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight safe on our roads has been awarded the ACPO and Police Federation Outstanding Contribution to Roads Policing Award 2014. To read more on this click here

For an introduction in British Sign Language, please see below.

In the meantime, got a question? Post a comment below or contact us here.

Thank you.

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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and National Highways

On the road with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower & National Highways

Did you know that disabled drivers represent around 5% of the driving population? But in the unfortunate result of a vehicle breaking down, research has shown some of the issues disabled road users encounter, such as being able to safely exit their vehicle, anxiety and distress.

In many ways, a person’s disability is always invisible when they’re in a vehicle. So, the Sunflower has partnered with National Highways, who manage England’s motorways and major A-roads, to ensure that people with a non-obvious disability feel confident, that they will receive the help they need, if they break down or need assistance.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is widely recognised for helping people with non-visible disabilities get the support they need in the public domain. In this new partnership with National Highways, the iconic Sunflower can now be displayed on vehicles, enabling drivers and their passengers to let others know that someone in the vehicle has an invisible disability.

National Highways Traffic Officers are often first on the scene in an emergency on a motorway or major A road. Displaying the Sunflower sticker, or magnet, on the rear of your vehicle will indicate to traffic officers that you may require additional support.

We spoke to Paul Pengelly, a Sunflower wearer, about the new partnership: “I have fibromyalgia along with anxiety and a personality disorder, which affects my general mobility. If a vehicle I’m travelling in, is broken down or in an accident, exiting the vehicle quickly and safely would be difficult for me.

“My anxiety in such a situation would already be heightened, and without support, I could become more distressed or agitated. Identifying my additional needs would be crucial to keeping everyone safe and preventing unnecessary distress or harm.”

“Having the Sunflower on the back of my car informs National Highways traffic officers that they should ask me what extra support I might need so that they can do their job safely while making sure that no harm comes to me, the other occupants and passing traffic.”

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower wearer Paul Pengelly can now also display the Sunflower on his vehicle thanks to the new partnership with National Highways.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for vehicles is free to road users in England and can be ordered from the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower store.

National Highways Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager Julian Horsler said: “We want all road users to feel confident that they’ll get the help they need if they break down or need assistance on our roads.

“For many disabled people our roads already provide the best travel option for them; enabling them to travel to work, go on holiday and visit family and friends. However, sometimes it isn’t the obvious barriers that prevent people from travelling independently, it can be the hidden or unknown ones that cause the most difficulties.

“To ensure our disabled customers can travel safely on our roads, we’ll continue to introduce new services, like the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower for vehicles, which break down barriers and help people feel in control of their journeys.”

Damon Jowett, Head of Service Delivery at Green Flag, comments: “We’re hugely supportive of this initiative. By displaying the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower on vehicles, it will mean our recovery network are made aware that there is potential additional needs and support required for the drivers and passengers we attend to. This initiative really helps us to ensure we provide the best level of service and can meet the requirements of all our Green Flag customers.”

Our partnership with National Highways brings us one step closer to achieving our goal; for Sunflower wearers to be supported wherever they chose to visit and however they choose to travel.

If you get into trouble on the motorway, contact National Highways first, and then a breakdown provider. Use a free roadside emergency phone or call 03001235000.

You can also text National Highways for roadside assistance on 0730283600.

Tell the operator, that you are a member of the Sunflower scheme, they can make sure all the recovery and emergency services are aware that you have an invisible disability.

How to react to an Emergency vehicle?

Have you ever wondered what to do when a Police, Ambulance or Fire vehicle has its emergency blue lights and sirens going. It can be very stressful to know exactly how to react and what to do. This short video from GEM Motoring Assist called ‘Blue Light Aware’ will really help you. Certainly worth a watch.

Are you waiting for the return or renewal of your driving licence from the DVLA?


Are you waiting for the return or renewal of your driving licence from the DVLA?
The Older Drivers Forum has been contacted by The Sunday Times to help with an article which we know has been affecting many of you.
The Sunday Times has been contacted by readers who have been unable to drive for more than sixmonths while waiting for the return of their licences- and are still waiting.
In some cases they have reached the age of 70 and have had to notify medical conditions. Others have suffered short term health conditions ( eg minor stroke) yet despite receiving the “all clear” from doctors have been left waiting for the DVLA to return the licence.
This is your chance to have your voice heard. Ideally you will agree to be named and to talk through your experience- and how much disruption it has caused in your life. If you have to be anonymous, or only to be quoted by first name, then I would also be interested in talking to you, although of course that has less impact.
Please call me or email me as soon as you can. The article is to be published this weekend.
Yours sincerely

Nicholas Hellen

Transport Editor
The Sunday Times
07880-505716 [Mobile] or e-mail nicholas.hellen@sunday-times.co.uk

Free Webinars

Rob Heard ODF poster

To register to watch a webinar click here

The Older Drivers Forum are supporting Project Edwards week of action, themed ‘Fit for the Road’ between the 13th to 17th September 2021. The Forum will be running a series of six free webinars during the week. Each webinar is on a different subject and designed to help and support the mature motorist to carry on driving safely for longer.  

Project EDWARD stands for ‘Every Day Without A Road Death’ and is an annual UK-wide road safety campaign backed by government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and British businesses.

Shockingly, on average 5 people a day are killed and around 150,000 people are injured each year on roads in Great Britain. Unfortunately, 20% of all deaths on our roads are older people. As older licence holders are increasing every year, fatalities for drivers aged 70 and over are forecasted to increase by 22% by 2040. 

We know that older motorists have a wealth of experience, confidence and tolerance. However, sight, hearing, reaction time and judgement of speed and distance may not be as sharp as it once was.

The Older Drivers Forum is about keeping mature motorists on the road safely for longer. Whether that’s helping giving practical and informative help and support to continue driving or pointing people in the right direction for an assessment to identify their driving needs – from wing mirror adapters to an elevated driving seat – the Forum’s here to help and signpost you to the people to help. The Forum is a not-for-profit organisation made up of experts in road safety – from representatives from the emergency services, to charities, local authorities and businesses specialising in keeping older people on the road.

The chair and founder of the Older Drivers Forum Rob Heard said “We are excited and proud to support Project Edwards quest to make the roads safer for all. We can all become complacent about our driving and often pick up bad habits, which if not addressed can increase our risk of an incident on the roads. This week of webinars will help give advice on a number of subjects from Confidence building appraisals, Safe driving tips, Electric vehicles and driving with various medical conditions. We have a special webinar on Thursday afternoon hosted by Valerie Singleton OBE on Dash cams, which is one not to miss. We have 1000 free places, so make sure you book early to reserve your place.

I am looking forward to welcoming you again to our webinars. We have had great feedback from previous ones we have run, one person who attended said ‘Extremely useful and informative. This is definitely one of the better webinars I’ve attended over the past few months, both in presentation and content.’ 

The webinars are FREE and have expert speakers as well as participants being able to ask questions. People will need to register their place for each webinar and this can be done by clicking here. We have increased the number of places available this time to 1000 free places, so should be able to accommodate anyone who wishes to register.