Lock-Down Safety Bulletins

Lock-down support

During this break from driving, older drivers’ driving capabilities could decline and their cars be inadequately maintained. This means older drivers would be at increased risk when they resume driving. To counter this, we have produced four safety bulletins to provide advice for older drivers and their families during the lock-down period. These cover car care, maintaining driving skills and, when eventually it is safe to do so, planning to get back on the road. We also include advice if an older driver decides this is an appropriate time to retire from driving

They are in easy to read, print or download PDF’s.

Part 1: Car Care during lock-down – Click here to open

Part 2: Maintaining Driving Skills during lock-down – Click here to open

Part 3: Getting back on the road – Click here to open

Part 4: Living without a car, post lock-down – Click here to open

Driving for Better Business – Ready for the Road?

Driving for Better Business have put together two short videos to help you get up to speed as quickly and safely as possible. Visit their web site by clicking here

Drivers Information Video

Vehicle Checks video