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Older Drivers Awareness week 2021

This year the awareness week ran virtually between Monday 13th to Friday 17th September 2021. Each day we will ran webinars to help older drivers stay fit for the road. All the webinars were recorded and available to view below

PE Small Red and Black on Clear RGB-1 This year we supported Project Edward week of action, themed ‘Fit for the road‘. Click here to visit Project Edwards website.

Project EDWARD (Every Day Without A Road Death) is an annual UK-wide road safety campaign backed by government, the emergency services, highways agencies, road safety organisations and British businesses.

Helping older drivers stay fit for the road webinars

Webinar  from 13th September 2021:

‘The risks faced by older drivers on the roads and safe driving tips to help reduce them

In this webinar the host Rob Heard talks all about the Older Drivers Forum and what help and support is available. Then Dr Kit Mitchell talks on Older Drivers and risk patterns, followed by Graham Mylward (an approved driving instructor) talking about Safe Driving Tips and covering things like roundabouts, t-junctions and much more. Paul White then talks about the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower organisation. This is then followed by 45 minutes Q&A section to the panel on questions asked by attendees

Webinar from 14th September 2021:

Considering an Electric vehicle? Advice for older drivers’

In this webinar we have three experts in the field talking about Electric vehicle (EV) ownership and driving experiences, the cost of EV vehicles and charging, range anxiety, charging point access and battery life. The speakers then talk about Advanced Driver Assistance systems, there benefits , function and advice. This is then followed by a 45 minute Q&A section to the panel on questions from attendees – Please note the information in the webinar is accurate as of 14th September 2021

Webinar from 15th September 2021:

‘Driving appraisal and assessments for older drivers’

This webinar featured three experts talking on the different types of driving appraisals, what is available, how they are conducted and where to find one close to you. The webinar then has an expert from a Driving Mobility centre talking about driving assessments and how they work and what happens in them. This is followed by a 45 minute answering questions from attendees


Webinar from 16th September 2021 – Morning

‘Understanding Notifiable Medical Conditions for driving and driving with Dementia’

This webinar had two experts, the first will be Professor Michael Hornberger, a Dementia specialist, talking on the effects of dementia on cognition and driving in general. We then had an input on what is a ‘Notifiable medical condition’ and how to inform the DVLA and what are the possible consequences. This was followed by a 45 minute Q&A section when the panel answered questions from the attendees. If you wish to follow Professor Hornberger his Twitter is @DementiaScience, Facebook is /DementiaScience and website click here


Webinar 16th September 2021 – Afternoon

Dash Cams, should everyone have one?’

This webinar was co-hosted by Valerie Singleton (OBE). We had 5 experts talking during this webinar. The first talked about what is a dash cam and what is available and how they work. Then we had the Police telling us about how they can use dash cam footage from the public to prosecute people. We then heard from a wife who tells us about losing her partner when his death was captured on a dash cam and subsequently helped convict the offending driver. We then went through how to notify the Police of any footage you have and then showed different examples and asked for opinions of what happened. The webinar then had a 25 minute Q&A section where the panel answered questions from attendees.


Webinar 17th September 2021

‘Eyesight and Diabetes and understanding the effects on driving’

This webinar featured an Optician talking all about eyesight tests and how eyesight can affect our driving. We then heard about a case study of a driver whose sight is failing and challenges she is facing in the future and how she is coping. We then had an expert Professor Dilwyn Marple-Horvat talking about diabetes and how this effects driving and what you can do to help this. This was followed by a 45 minute Q&A section to the panel from the questions from attendees. To view the resources for eyesight mentioned by Henry Leonard in his talk, click here


Drivers Skills 60+ Virtual Open Day Webinar (For Hampshire residents only)

HCC webinar

This webinar offered a detailed look at what is involved in a Driver Skills 60+ driving appraisal and how it has helped many drivers over the past few years. The webinar explains when an assessment could be advisable and how to arrange one.

To find out more about the Drivers Skills 60+ scheme click here

Previous Webinars held in March 2021

In March we ran two webinars. Below is all about them:

Thursday 18th March 2021 – Driver Awareness 60+ – Recording of the webinar is below.
The webinar gave attendees a good overview of advice for drivers aged 60 and above with many safe driving tips.

Thursday 25th March 2021 – Advice and support to Mature Drivers – Recording of this webinar below:

Previous Webinar videos for November 2020

Title: “Driving Safely for Longer – Confidence building appraisals advice
This webinar has now finished, however you can view again by watching the below Video in MP4 format

This webinar was enjoyed by all and here is feedback from one attendee:

I found your webinar enormously encouraging, you got the tone (helping rather than judging and driving safer for longer) absolutely spot on, I shall certainly apply for a Driver Assessment when they become available.

Title: “Driving Safely for Longer – Driving with a Medical Condition and Eyesight advice
This webinar has now finished, however you can view again by watching the below Video in MP4 format

This is just one of the positive feedback we had to this webinar:

Extremely useful and informative. This is definitely one of the better webinars I’ve attended over the past few months, both in presentation and content.

Title: “Driving Safely for Longer – Safe Driving Tips
This webinar has now finished, however you can view again by watching the below Video in MP4 format

This is just one of the positive feedback we had on this webinar:

It illuminated some aspects of road use which I sometimes found not clear and generally reinforced my awareness of some problems which may occur.