Managing / Living without a Car

There will be a time that all of us decide to retire from driving or decide on a certain day we just don’t want to drive that day.


Hubs LeafletMobility Hubs
The Department for Transport has recently released funding of £1.5 million to Driving Mobility Centres across England to operate a Mobility Hub as part of their service.

Giving up driving can be a life-changing experience and people may feel lost, upset and wonder how they can still go about their daily lives without a car. The Mobility Hub is there to offer support and advice on what alternatives are available to help people get where they need to be, without costing the earth.

As well as getting around your local area, the Hub can offer advice if you need to travel further afield on public transport and are not sure how to get assistance from train, coach and ferry operators, or even at the airport. They can also advise on your rights as a disabled passenger.

Click here to find the nearest Hub to you. The Hubs service is FREE impartial advice so why not find out about stress-free leisure and business travel when living with additional needs, their expert team are ready to get you going car free!

Click here to download the Hubs Flyer

Local Advice as well

The attached useful brochures gives you advise on how to still get around without the need of driving for different areas


Click here to download Hampshire version

Click here to download Dorset version


If you live in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Wiltshire or Berkshire then why not have a look at the ‘Going Car Free‘ web site. You can additionally Contact them by:
Tel: 02380 554100



Click here to download Devon and Cornwall version


Click here to download Thames Valley version



Click here to download Gloucestershire version