The Best Cars for Senior drivers

A US website called Cars.Com have written an article about the best cars for Senior Drivers. Although written for the US, still relevant for the UK and some good ideas and safety tips as well. Worth a read. Click here to read the article. Just remember that if you change from a manual to an automatic, we would always recommend undertaking taking some lessons with a driving instructor to get use to driving with an automatic. Unfortunately, we see far too many incidents of pedal confusion occurring when people suddenly change to an automatic and they revert to previous manual experience in a sudden decision making event.

Older Mobility goes live

The Older Mobility website has now gone live. Older Mobility brings together research and evidence to help address the needs for an ageing population. In recent years the emphasis in research and among practitioners has often focussed on interventions for drivers as they age. In 2019, the Department for Transport awarded a grant to the leading road safety charity, RoadSafe, to develop a knowledge transfer programme to take forward the work on older drivers by widening its scope to address the risks to older road users, concentrating on the most vulnerable.

Combining a series of reports created specifically for the project and a library of research evidence is a valuable resource for those working in road safety, public health, transport planning, civic leadership and age-related charities.

Click here to visit the website


Gloucestershire PCC gives funding to Older Drivers Forum



Martin Surl, Police Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire said today;

“I am pleased to announce ten thousand pounds support from the Police Crime Commissioner’s fund for the Older Drivers Forum for Gloucestershire. Their activities will be a valuable resource for two of my key Police and Crime plan priorities; ‘Safe and Social Driving’ and ‘Older but not Overlooked’. The Older Drivers Forum will save lives.”

The Older Drivers Forum is a not-for-profit organisation that consists of road safety experts and volunteers, who create awareness and provide practical advice on how to keep older drivers driving safely, for longer. But when it comes time to retire from driving, how to plan alternative transport to maintain independence and a fulfilling life.

Support and advice, including COVID specific safety bulletins, can be found at;

Rob Heard, founder and chair of the Older Drivers Forum said:

“This is great news and we thank PCC Martin Surl for his support. This is particularly good timing as older drivers are particularly vulnerable as they take to the roads again after months of not driving. The Gloucestershire campaign includes a poster campaign, print collateral, upgrading of social media activities and – when safe to do so – presentations and exhibitions.”


In Gloucestershire, the Older Drivers Forum is also supported by the charitable trust fund of Rotary in Nailsworth, and MPs Alex Chalk (Cheltenham) and Siobhan Baillie (Stroud).

For further information contact:
Nigel Lloyd-Jones
Older Drivers Forum Gloucestershire
07785 360 414