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Driver Skills Scheme 60+

Hampshire County Council operate a driving appraisal scheme for Hampshire residents called the ‘Driver Skills Scheme 60+’. The appraisal takes place from the person’s home using their own car and is delivered by specially selected and trained Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) who have a good understanding of the needs of experienced drivers.

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In May 2021 a webinar took place. This webinar offered a detailed look at what is involved in a Driver Skills 60+ driving appraisal and how it has helped many drivers over the past few years. The webinar explains when an assessment could be advisable and how to arrange one. It also features a question and answer session at the end

Who should attend?
This scheme is aimed at people aged 60 years and over who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge, want help in adapting to a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence.

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What does the appraisal offer?
This is an informal and confidential appraisal with the aim of enhancing current skills and updating knowledge to ensure people carry on driving for as long as they are safe. It is not a test so there is no pass or fail element.
The assessor looks at the way the driver deals with various traffic situations on roads that he or she normally drives on
and makes recommendations to help ensure on-going safety. The appraisal also includes an eyesight check (reading a number plate).
Following the practical drive, each driver is given a comprehensive debrief, where any concerns or remedial actions are discussed. A detailed report is also prepared and sent to the person’s home.

This scheme has been running for over 20 years and has been awarded the Prince Michael of Kent award for Road Safety.

How much does it cost?

The appraisal lasts 90 minutes and costs just £45 for drivers of 60 years of age or more who live in Hampshire.

How to book the appraisal?
To book you can contact the Road Safety Team:

Phone on 01962 846100

Alternatively you can book online at: and follow the links for Road Safety and Driver Training.

Older Drivers Forum - HCC Graham MylwardJust some feedback that has been received from people who have undertaken an assessment with the Driver Skills Scheme 60+:

June 2021:
‘’I just wanted to say how professional but kind Jane (HCC assessor) was with Dad – he was declared unsafe to drive but it was the correct decision and she explained it fully to him as gently as possible. 
He, of course thought he had done ok! As I was allowed to sit in the back I was able to advise him that his perspective was different to ours’’

78 year old female driver from north Hampshire:
‘’The assessor was more than helpful and put me at ease from the word go. Highly recommend this assessor in his work and his personality’’

92 year old male driver from mid Hampshire:
‘’It is great to have a proper evaluation of my driving ability annually. I always learn from your team and try to keep my standard of driving as high as possible’’

74 year old male driver from south Hampshire:
‘’A very worthwhile driver evaluation system. As an older person it gives you confidence in your own driving ability. The time spent out on the road in varying driving conditions helps to focus the mind. A big thank you to the assessor. He immediately puts you at ease and his comments are helpful’’

Comments from other older drivers:

The assessor was very helpful and very easy to get on with. I thought the whole exercise was enjoyable and useful – and reassuring! Well worth the money and the effort.

The whole experience has been most helpful, reassuring and confidence building. The actual assessment was enjoyable to my surprise. The scheme has integrity.

The assessor is excellent and his remarks were very helpful. Faults noted two years ago still apply: making unnecessary signals at roundabouts; keeping within 30mph limit as speed inclined to creep up in built up areas.
My wife has commented on my improved driving.
I think the scheme should be compulsory for over 80s as it is noticeable how other drivers become very impatient to overtake. If I am still driving at 87, I will book again. Very helpful!

Overall: very constructive.

The assessor was a pleasure to have as a passenger in my car. His route direction was clear and he was complementary about my driving at different stages of the route. It has strengthened my confidence in driving. Thank you!

This was my second program. Recommendations were given with explicit reasons and the approvals increased my confidence. All together a valuable experience. Make it law!

The booking process was excellent – clear, professional and understanding. The assessor had been 18 months ago and I had followed his advice by having 10 refresher lessons which has transformed our lives, making me a more confident driving. The assessor is an ideal member of staff for the scheme.

Always advisable to take advantage of a scheme that gives a person confidence and corrects their faults.