The Older Drivers Forum have created a number of videos about the Forum and our recommendations and advice to older drivers. We also have videos with practical and informative advice on a number of subjects that Older Drivers can have difficulty with when driving on the road

The First video is from our Chair, Sgt Rob Heard who explains about the issues faced by Older Drivers and how the Older Drivers Forum can help

The Second Video is a clip from the BBC Inside Out programme, first aired in December 2012. This programme deals with Older Drivers and the consequences if you are not fit to drive. The video focuses on a collision which occurred in March 2011 on the A30 near Basingstoke and resulted in the untimely death of Neil Colquhoun by the actions of a 89 year old driver who drove nearly a mile up the wrong way of a dual carriageway.

The Third video shows broadcaster and journalist Bruce Parker, who himself is an older driver, giving advice and his experiences of undertaking the two assessment course recommended by the Older Drivers Forum

The Forth video is an introduction about the Hampshire County Council Driver Skills 60+ assessment recommended by the Older Drivers Forum

The Fifth Video is an introduction from Wessex DriveAbility about the assessments and assistance they can give to Older Drivers

The Sixth Video follows a person through a driving assessment undertaken at a Driving Mobility Centre.

The Older Drivers Forum have kindly been supplied a number of informative videos from Devon Council and Devon and Cornwall Constabulary on issues that Older Drivers sometime face. These videos give practical advice on how to deal with these issues:

Advice to the older driver regarding Motorways

Advice to the older driver regarding Night Driving

Advice to the older driver on dealing with roundabouts

Advice to the older driver on Turning Right at Junctions

Advice to the older driver regarding Speed Limits

Advice to the older driver regarding Tailgating

Advice to the older driver regarding Young Drivers

Advice to the older driver on changing to an Automatic

Video from National Highways on driving on Motorways and Smart motorways

Additionally why not visit ‘Still Safe to Drive which is a web site created from GEM Motoring Assist, which is the UK’s leading driving-based road safety association.

This web site shows four informative videos featuring broadcaster Valerie Singleton and covers subjects such as:

1) The process of ageing: essential information for drivers

2) Stay as safe as possible for as long as possible: top tips for staying mobile and reducing risk

3) Conversations about giving up driving: three families share their experiences

4) Driving in Comfort: useful tips and advice in being comfortable in your car

5) Following a mature driver as he undertakes a Fitness to Drive assessment at a mobility centre