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Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership supports the Older Driver Forum and supports initiatives to keep drivers of Warwickshire driving safely for as long as possible.


Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership and the Older Drivers Forum hosted a a FREE webinar on Thursday 5th May for mature drivers in Warwickshire and their families and friends.  

This webinar provided information on licence renewal at 70, eyesight requirements, mature driving appraisals,  the Highway Code and particularly the new changes introduced in January as well as giving you practical road safety tips to help you, or family members, carry on driving safely for longer. The webinar was recorded and can be viewed below:


If you don’t have a medical condition which affects your driving, then the forum recommend the following assessment:

Warwickshire IAM imageWarwickshire Road Safety Partnership works in collaboration with IAM RoadSmart to provide free Mature Driver Reviews, worth £69, for mature drivers aged 65+ residing in Warwickshire. The aim of the review is to offer advice and reassurance on driving ability; it is not a test. The reviews have been carefully designed to help drivers renew their confidence, receive an informed and trusted opinion on their driving, improve skills and reassure family members.

To read more about the review download our leaflet by clicking here

To book a Mature Driver Review call 0300 303 1134 and quote `WCC` or Click here

If you do have a medical condition that may affect your driving, then the forum recommend the below assessment centre

Click here to see the list of notifiable medical conditions

Driving Mobility

Driving Mobility LogoMobility Centres have specially trained clinicians and specially trained professional driving instructors to assess how a person’s condition or disability affects their driving and what help, including car adaptations, will enable them to continue to drive safely. This includes a medical assessment and an in-car driving assessment in a dual controlled car.

Click here for more information

There are 20 accredited Driving Mobility Centres in the UK and a range of satellite centres operating from just under 80 venues. They do around 13,000 assessments a year. Most people are within a one hour drive of a Centre

At these Centres, specially qualified Occupational Therapists and Approved Driving Instructors offer Fitness to Drive assessments to those who wish to gain or retain independence through safe driving.

Fitness to Drive assessments last up to 2½ hours and include a pre-drive consultation and an on-road drive in a dual controlled vehicle. Assessment outcomes are detailed in a comprehensive report which is recognised by the DVLA and may assist in licence renewal, particularly when medical investigations are being carried out.

Highway Quiz

Highway Code ImageWarwickshire Road Safety Partnership recognises that many drivers have not picked up the Highway Code since passing their theory test, which could be many years ago for some.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership has created quiz to review and refresh your knowledge and learn of recent updates.  Click Here to have a go

Maintaining your vehicle

It is important to maintain your vehicle as well as yourself.

Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership offer seasonal car checks and advise on maintaining your vehicle.

For details of upcoming events please click here


DriveOn magazine has been created to offer mature drivers with the information and advice they need to keep driving safely for as long as possible. This edition covers topics such as fitting child car seats, in-car technology, journey planning and licence renewals. Plus, much more! Take a look through this digital edition by clicking here. You can even bookmark it to read later or click “share” to send it to friends and family

Going car free

Public Transport Image

If you are considering retiring from driving or would like to reduce how much you do drive, we have provided information, guidance and signposting to alternatives to driving within Warwickshire.

Warwickshire has a range of public transport options available, with concessionary travel for older people who have reached State Pension age. Warwickshire further provide community transport managed by volunteers and charities which can support you with getting to appointments and/or travel if living in rural areas.

For information on bus timetables, concessionary travel, and community transport visit Warwickshire County Councils website click here

Warwickshire has several train stations across the county to help you travel locally and further afield. For information about the lines and routes which operate in Warwickshire please click on the links below.

Warwickshire has several train stations across the county to help you travel locally and further afield. For information about the lines and routes which operate in Warwickshire please click on the links below.