Recorded webinar on the new Highway Code changes and useful road safety tips

Highway Code Webinar 1This week we ran a webinar all about the new changes to the Highway Code and road safety tips. This webinar starts by giving an update on the findings from the Older Drivers Task Force report published in November 2021. The webinar will then goes on to cover the new Highway Code and particularly the new changes, as well as giving you useful road safety tips.

Visit our Highway Code page for all the changes and to watch the webinar by clicking here

Ready@Drive Survey


Ready2Drive Survey: Researching Training & Support Needs of Older Drivers

What’s it about?

Are you 60 years old or older and have a full valid UK driving license? Are you concerned about peoples’ attitudes towards older drivers? Do you have ideas of the kinds of training or support you might need to enable you to remain independently driving for longer?

Support for older drivers in the UK has not yet received enough attention from academics, industry, and policy makers, even though we live in an ageing society. The Ready2Drive project focuses on those 60 years old or older who hold a full valid UK driving license and aims to not only identify training needs but develop digital technology to support them to keep driving confidently.

To complete their Online Driving Video survey which includes three sessions, taking approx. 30 to 60 minutes. Click here to access the survey.

What is on offer?

The Ready2Drive project at The University of Surrey aims to address the attitudes of individuals aged 60+ about driver training needs as people get older. This proof-of-concept research is developing testing and evaluating relevant scenarios through a video survey, distributed in the UK. Its academic contributors come from the Department of Tourism and Transport, The Digital Lab, DIGMY, the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences and Nervtech, who are working on the simulation algorithms for the project.

Who is leading the event?

This event is organised by the Ready2Drive project team led by Dr Nikolas Thomopoulos, including experts from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and from the School of Health Sciences at the University of Surrey. International experts by the WISE-ACT community, Professor Jaka Sodnik and Dr Kristina Stojmenova from the University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia will also join.

Who is it open to?

The online survey is open to UK residents aged 60 or over who hold a full valid driving licence.

Who will it be of interest to?

Anyone with an interest in digital technologies for supporting drivers, and how best to support an ageing population to keep driving safely in the UK.

Webinar on New Highway Code changes and road safety tips

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The Older Drivers Forum are running a FREE webinar on the new Highway Code, as well safe driving tips. This webinar will start by giving an update on the findings from the Older Drivers Task Force report published in November 2021. The webinar will then go over the new Highway Code and particularly the new changes. The webinar will then give advice on safe driving tips to help mature motorists carry on driving safely for longer. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to all the speakers on a Q&A section. The webinar will last for 90 minutes with a 10 minute break in the middle. Please register below to get your link to join the webinar. You DO NOT need a zoom account to join. We can’t wait for you to join this event!

We will host the the same webinar on two days, there is no need to register for both as they will be identical in content. Each webinar will have 1000 free places and you will need to register.

The webinar dates are:

New Highway Code Changes


2022 Updates to the Highway Code

As of 29th January 2022, The Highway Code has over 50 changes. These advisory changes have been implemented to improve safety for people walking, cycling and horse riding. Every road user still has a responsibility to keep themselves and each other safe, and the changes mean being ready to give priority, leave space and be considerate of others.

In summary, irrespective of your method of transport, a new hierarchy of road users has been introduced to ensure those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others.

Click here to see all about the 8 main changes we think you need to know about.