Dorset Driver Gold

Dorset Driver Gold administered through IAM Mature Drivers Review

Course Overview

Dorset Driver Gold is aimed at people aged 65 years and over who have an interest in updating their skills and knowledge, want help in familiarising themselves with a new vehicle or simply want to gain confidence

Why Should you want to have your driving appraised?

Driving is potentially the most dangerous activity that most people take part in. A slight increase in awareness or improvement in skills is all it takes to make you safer. Experienced drivers generally have fewer accidents than younger drivers. However, as people grow older gradual changes take place which mean their ability to deal safely with some situations diminishes

Dorset Driver Gold review

One of our qualified experts will go out with you, in your own car on familiar roads that are local to you, to assess your driving style and to watch out for any areas where your skills could do with some sharpening. It might be that you are aware that your driving is not what it used to be, that you have worries about particular situations, or simply that you – or your family – would benefit from the reassurance of knowing that you are still OK to be behind the wheel of a car. The review is informal, you can even bring a friend to ride along with you.

Drivers will receive a written account of the session, which is a completely personal report, shared with no one else. Of all mature drivers assessed, 90% needed only minor guidance to set them back on the right track and they tell us that the course gives them renewed confidence at the wheel and a real sense of achievement.

Who delivers the review?

The Dorset Driver Gold is administered by the IAM Road Smart and is called a Mature Drivers Review.  There is no separate theory session as all support is delivered on a one-to-one basis

Where and when can I attend?

The review is done from your home address or meeting place of your choice. The review is done in your own car

How much does it cost?

The Mature Driver Review cost £49

How do I book a Dorset Driver Gold review?

Book online at

Or Call 0300 3031134

You must notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of certain medical conditions which may affect your ability to drive safely. Information regarding conditions can be found at or by writing to:

Drivers Medical Enquiries
SA99 1TU

Telephone 0300 790 6806