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Lock-down support

During these difficult times then we have created four safety bulletins providing advice for older drivers during the lock-down period. They are in easy to read, print or download PDF’s.

Part 1: Car Care during lock-down – Click here to open

Part 2: Maintaining Driving Skills during lock-down – Click here to open

Part 3: Getting back on the road – Click here to open

Part 4: Living without a car, post lock-down – Click here to open

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If you don’t have a medical condition which affects your driving then the forum recommend the following assessments:

Click here to see the list of notifiable medical conditions

If you do have a medical condition that may affect your driving then see Driving Mobility centres assessment sat the bottom of the this page

Click here to see the ‘Cost Calculator‘ to estimate how much it costs to run your car and how much you would need to spend on public transport


Buckinghamshire County Council is committed to supporting mature drivers and their families, they have developed an online e-learning module, similar to their award-winning Winter Driving module. The Older Driver module contains all the information you need to retain independence and drive safely for as long as possible. It covers fitness to drive, ability, medication, improving your skills, vehicle, licencing and driving assessments.

You can visit the Buckinghamshire Older Driver Advice page by clicking here

You can access the module, and book an older driver assessment, here: Buckinghamshire Road Safety E-Learning Courses

Buckinghamshire County Council also operates a driving assessment scheme for Buckinghamshire’s residents called “Be a Better Driver”.

The assessments take place from the persons’ home using their own car, and is delivered by qualified, experienced assessors who have a good understanding of the needs of experienced drivers.

What does the appraisal offer?

The assessment drive looks at a person’s physical changes in a positive light and offers support and guidance to help older, more experienced drivers adapt their driving accordingly.

You and your assessor will complete a short questionnaire prior to the drive to ensure the assessment is tailored to meet your own driving needs. You will be given feedback after the assessment and receive a written report and certificate of completion by post.

How long does it take?

The assessment lasts around an hour.

How can I book an assessment?

Contact the Road Safety Team on 01296 382338 or email requesting an application form, or click here to visit the booking page

West Berkshire

West Berkshire Council deliver ‘Flourish’ which is a one off interactive workshop, to pre-organised and selected group, age of group, from 55 years old upwards. Other professional partners are invited along to both give presentations and give out useful information to all attending.

‘Flourish is an initiative built to support more mature drivers in staying active and mobile in later life. Flourish is providing support by running events, producing advice and helping drivers to make their own considered decisions about when is the right time to reduce dependence on the car for the sake of staying safe’

For information please contact

If you live in Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Dorset, Wiltshire or Berkshire then why not have a look at the ‘Going Car Free‘ web site. You can additionally Contact them by:
Tel: 02380 554100

Other confidence building appraisals across Thames Valley

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

iam-roadsmart_logo_rgb_72dpiOffer a number of courses to give assistance to the older driver, like the Mature Driver Review which is great in building confidence

Click here for more information.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
ROSPA logo 2016

Offer offer an RoADAR Driving Review. This is a one hour drive in your own car with a RoSPA Assessor

Click here for more information

If you do have a medical condition that may affect your driving then see Driving Mobility assessment at the bottom of the this page

Click here to see the list of notifiable medical conditions

Driving Mobility

Driving Mobility LogoMobility Centres have specially trained clinicians and specially trained professional driving instructors to assess how a person’s condition or disability affects their driving and what help, including car adaptations, will enable them to continue to drive safely. This includes a medical assessment and an in-car driving assessment in a dual controlled car.

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There are 20 accredited Driving Mobility Centres in the UK and a range of satellite centres operating from just under 80 venues. They do around 13,000 assessments a year. Most people are within a one hour drive of a Centre

At these Centres, specially qualified Occupational Therapists and Approved Driving Instructors offer Fitness to Drive assessments to those who wish to gain or retain independence through safe driving.

Fitness to Drive assessments last up to 2½ hours and include a pre-drive consultation and an on-road drive in a dual controlled vehicle. Assessment outcomes are detailed in a comprehensive report which is recognised by the DVLA and may assist in licence renewal, particularly when medical investigations are being carried out.