New Highway Code Changes


2022 Updates to the Highway Code

As of 29th January 2022, The Highway Code has over 50 changes. These advisory changes have been implemented to improve safety for people walking, cycling and horse riding. Every road user still has a responsibility to keep themselves and each other safe, and the changes mean being ready to give priority, leave space and be considerate of others.

In summary, irrespective of your method of transport, a new hierarchy of road users has been introduced to ensure those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger or threat they may pose to others.

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Older Drivers Task Force Report


Today, the Older Drivers Task Force via Road Safety Foundation published a review of older driver road safety. Supported by the Department for Transport, they have looked at the recommendations of the National Older Drivers Strategy, and considered the developments and progress in the five years since it was published. The report makes various recommendations for supporting safer driving into older age.

The Chair of the Older Drivers Forum, Rob Heard, was one of the authors of this report and said ‘It was an honour to help with this valuable report and I now hope the recommendations we suggest are taken forward to help and support our ageing population to carry on driving safely for longer‘.

To download the Summary report click here

To download the Technical report click here

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Clock change and Night Driving Tips


The clocks will go back on Sunday 31st October 2021 at 2am in the morning.

Driving at night can be tricky and often more so as we get older. Your eyesight changes in later life and this may make it harder to see road signs and other road users, especially in low light. It is always good to be prepared for this. Visit our page on Night Driving and tips by clicking here.