FREE Webinars – March 2023

March 2023 ODF webinars

We are pleased to announce that we are running three new webinars in March this year. We have 1000 FREE spaces for you to register for. Places will go quickly, so please make sure you register as soon as possible.

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Date Concerned about an older driverSaturday 11th March – Concerned about Older Driver? We can help.

This webinar is to provide support for families, friends, and carers who are concerned about an older driver.

The webinar includes advice on how to:
* Start empathetic conversations with their loved one, friend or client
* Keep them driving safely, for longer
* Plan for when it is time for them to retire from driving

Date Are you driving whilst impairedMonday 13th March – Are you Driving whilst impaired?

Impairment, when related to driving, often refers to drink, drugs or a medical condition.
However, we all drive in an impaired fashion from time to time whether it be through tiredness, stress, distraction or just because we have become complacent. This webinar will look at all the factors which may impair our driving decisions and offers solutions to ensure we keep the risk of a road traffic collision as low as possible.

Is Your Vision Roadworthy? webinar header graphicTuesday 14th March – Is your Vision Road Worthy?

Hosted by Valerie Singleton OBE which will offer the opportunity to find out more about driver vision and the vital role played by good eyesight in reducing risks on the road.

The webinar will discuss what the law says and the legal requirements for driving, as well as advice from an optometrist on good eye health and importance of regular eyesight tests and lots more.

To find out more and to register your place on any of the above webinars Click Here