Are you waiting for the return or renewal of your driving licence from the DVLA?


Are you waiting for the return or renewal of your driving licence from the DVLA?
The Older Drivers Forum has been contacted by The Sunday Times to help with an article which we know has been affecting many of you.
The Sunday Times has been contacted by readers who have been unable to drive for more than sixmonths while waiting for the return of their licences- and are still waiting.
In some cases they have reached the age of 70 and have had to notify medical conditions. Others have suffered short term health conditions ( eg minor stroke) yet despite receiving the “all clear” from doctors have been left waiting for the DVLA to return the licence.
This is your chance to have your voice heard. Ideally you will agree to be named and to talk through your experience- and how much disruption it has caused in your life. If you have to be anonymous, or only to be quoted by first name, then I would also be interested in talking to you, although of course that has less impact.
Please call me or email me as soon as you can. The article is to be published this weekend.
Yours sincerely

Nicholas Hellen

Transport Editor
The Sunday Times
07880-505716 [Mobile] or e-mail