Decision Study

You can participate in a new online study investigating older adult driving, being co-ordinated by the University of East Anglia, and funded by the UK Department for Transport. To find out more visit: click here or visit 

Who is this study for?
Adults aged at least 65 who hold a UK driving licence, and are currently driving.

What is this study about?
The study seeks to understand the changes that take place in thinking as we age, and how these changes might affect our driving.

How will we do this?
Online questionnaires and thinking tests (e.g. memory, attention, language).

Where is the research happening?
The study is completed online, and so recruiting throughout the UK.

When is it happening?
You can register your interest now, ready for the study to go live in early 2021.

Where can I register?
At the study website: by clicking here or 

How can I learn more?
You can email the study team by clicking here or via decision.stud

Give it a go and help Older Driving into the future