Bruce Parker reviewsBruce Parker

“I’m afraid it comes to all of us at some time  – I am now an older driver. Although I have years of experience and feel completely confident at the wheel, my sight, hearing, reaction- time and judgement of speed and distance aren’t as sharp as they once were.

The Older Drivers Forum is about keeping people like me, mature motorists, on the road.   With practical and informative advice, they want us driving longer but more safely.  Can I repeat that ? They don’t want us off the road, they want us on the road but more safely. Why not see how they can help you ?

This Forum is a not-for-profit organisation made up of experts in road safety from across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight –  representatives from the emergency services, charities, local authorities and businesses, specialising in keeping older people on the road.” – Bruce Parker, British journalist and television presenter

Lord Julian Fellows reviews

Lord Julian Fellows, who is backing the scheme said: “The Older Drivers’ Forum is about keeping people behind the wheel for as long as they can reasonably and safely be there. The moment we should consider retiring from driving comes to all of us and it must be reassuring to learn that there are now so many alternative methods of transport available, so many more choices in how we can get around than there used to be, and we can help with these.

I think it’s hard for children, but there does come a time when it is actually loving to persuade your parent that their driving career should be drawing to a close. They have to have the strength and the love to take that through.”

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Just some feedback that has been received about the Driver Skills Scheme 60+:

78 year old female driver from north Hampshire:
‘’The assessor was more than helpful and put me at ease from the word go. Highly recommend this assessor in his work and his personality’’

92 year old male driver from mid Hampshire:
‘’It is great to have a proper evaluation of my driving ability annually. I always learn from your team and try to keep my standard of driving as high as possible’’

74 year old male driver from south Hampshire:
‘’A very worthwhile driver evaluation system. As an older person it gives you confidence in your own driving ability. The time spent out on the road in varying driving conditions helps to focus the mind. A big thank you to the assessor. He immediately puts you at ease and his comments are helpful’’

Comments from other older drivers:

The assessor was very helpful and very easy to get on with. I thought the whole exercise was enjoyable and useful – and reassuring! Well worth the money and the effort.

The whole experience has been most helpful, reassuring and confidence building. The actual assessment was enjoyable to my surprise. The scheme has integrity.

The assessor is excellent and his remarks were very helpful. Faults noted two years ago still apply: making unnecessary signals at roundabouts; keeping within 30mph limit as speed inclined to creep up in built up areas.
My wife has commented on my improved driving.
I think the scheme should be compulsory for over 80s as it is noticeable how other drivers become very impatient to overtake. If I am still driving at 87, I will book again. Very helpful!

Overall: very constructive.

The assessor was a pleasure to have as a passenger in my car. His route direction was clear and he was complementary about my driving at different stages of the route. It has strengthened my confidence in driving. Thank you!

This was my second program. Recommendations were given with explicit reasons and the approvals increased my confidence. All together a valuable experience. Make it law!

The booking process was excellent – clear, professional and understanding. The assessor had been 18 months ago and I had followed his advice by having 10 refresher lessons which has transformed our lives, making me a more confident driving. The assessor is an ideal member of staff for the scheme.

Always advisable to take advantage of a scheme that gives a person confidence and corrects their faults.

Just some feedback that has been received from people who have undertaken an assessment with Wessex DriveAbility:

I found the assessment excellent and appreciate the advice and observations given by the very professional assessors. As a result I have come away from the assessment a better driver due to the observations and advice given. Thank You.

I thought the assessment was well designed, good attention to detail and professionally presented.
The comments were justified and advice constructive. The initial introduction went some way to putting me at ease

I was glad I did the assessment, no matter how old you are you can always learn, thank you

I really enjoyed the assessment, it made me realise that we forget things when we have been driving for many years. I think everyone should have a refresher course every few years. I am sure there would be fewer accidents if we did. as I drive an adapted car I found the assessment very useful.Since doing the assessment I have been made more aware if the mistakes made by other drivers and I am very conscious that I do not make any myself.

I was treated with the up-most respect and kindness

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