Mark Trimmer

Mark Trimmer, Institute of Advanced Motorists

Mark Trimmer is the Regional Operations Manager for the Institute of Advanced Motorists covering the South of England. He served over 30 years in the Police retiring as a Chief Inspector with Sussex Police in 2012 as a District commander. He served as a Constable , Inspector and Chief Inspector in Roads Policing and was a Senior Road Death Investigator and headed a number of high profile fatal collisions. Sadly some did involve Older drivers. Following studies undertaken by the IAM we have found that the number of older drivers is increasing dramatically and will continue to rise for the next thirty years. The government must plan now for how it will respond rather than wait for the numbers to rise. There should be more publicly available information on how the ageing process can affect driving and the NHS should invest more to train and encourage health professionals, opticians and doctors, to discuss driving habits with older people .There is also a key role for family and friends but they need the information and the tools to help make informed choices. The IAM is working to develop online self-assessment tools as the default first step in helping older drivers to recognise and deal with changes in their driving.